Buying Gold in the US – It’s Much Simpler Than You Think

For those who have already realized the potential of investing in gold, the next question will now be where to find them. Read on to know more about these areas, how to distinguish genuine gold, and on buying gold in the US as an investment.

The Largest Gold Deposits Found in the US

There are four major areas where priced metals such as gold are mined. These include the Sierra Nevada Basin in California, the Arkansas River in Colorado, Prescott and Stafford in Arizona, and the Florida Gold Coast.

The Sierra Nevada in California had been known since 1860 due to the gold rush. At present, it is still considered as the largest gold deposit area in the U.S. The Arkansas River of Colorado was also recognized for its gold mines during the same period as the California gold rush of the 1800’s.

In the Prescott/Stafford area of Arkansas, panning had become popular when searching for gold by local citizens. Metal detection devices are used for a more effective gold search. The Gold Coast on the other hand is an open door for mining companies big and small. It covers the Tequesta and Florida City.

Types of Gold to Purchase

There are various types of gold you can buy. As a form of investment, gold mutual funds and gold exchange traded funds (ETF) are great choices. The former refers to investing upon companies which mine, purify, and trade gold. The latter are bonds which have physical gold as backup or proof.

For those who prefer physical gold, bars or bullion of which, coins, and jewelry maybe purchased and stored instead.

On Gold Coins

Bullion coins are recommended for those who are only new in this trade. These are often government produced coins which were circulated in the past or are coined at present as collectibles only. Their value is determined by the measure of gold found in them.

Some, especially expert coin collectors also look for numismatic coins which are often rare and scarcely found. Most do not recommend these coins though for beginners and even for gold investors in general.

Characteristics of Genuine Gold

The formula used in knowing authentic gold is easy. Purity when measured lets you know whether or not gold is genuine. Most settle with at least 99.9% gold percentage. The weight depends on which type of gold you are going to buy. The standard average bar weighs 1000 grams in mass while gold coins on average measure 31.1 grams or one troy ounce in weight.

How to Buy Gold

Buying gold is quite a straightforward and simple affair. There are plenty of dealers in shopping malls, auctions and probably even more online.

The government, particularly mints, also has coins and gold bars for you to purchase. The items are often sold in at least four pieces per set. Buying in bulk actually saves you money as the price per piece or per set of roll becomes cheaper as you purchase more in quantity. The only trouble is that direct purchase from the mint is not possible.

Private firms which often have websites for more information are also reliable sources if you want to know more about buying gold in the US as an investment. There also auction websites which offer gold items too. Furthermore, you can purchase gold from individual dealers with a trusted track record in gold sales.

Salvation Gold And Silver

Salvation is ultimately the act and willful choice of an individual who has made a decision to creatively shape their future.

Whether on a theological level or on a day-to-day practical basis, the choice for salvation is born from a clear vision of a better tomorrow, and all of us are called upon to accept or reject such decisive possibilities every day of our lives.

The hardest challenge we face is to be conscious of and to understand our choices and to find the strength to exercise our will. Because it is not logic, nor intelligence, nor special insight that lends us the fortitude and foresight to take action. Instead, it is by our own personal grace that we gain the courage to overcome the real devils of our human nature in order to dynamically steward our personal development, evolution, and viability. Grace gives us the courage to throw off the narcoleptic shackles of dead habit and hardened and dull opinion and to choose a creatively determined future.

Gold And Silver Salvation Is Now

The financial world you have grown up in is over. It didn’t happen all at once and the major decisions that have led us here were made decades ago. Nonetheless, the great and vast majority of everyone you know is in a willful and determined state of ignorance as to the real reality of our world today. We are in fact witnessing and participating in the greatest and most dramatic world paradigm shift history has ever known and only those who take prudent and conscious action will emerge in a state of muscular economic viability.

In fact, on the larger world stage, the debate and conversation about the United States empire and the Dollar is over. If you simply look you will find nothing but overwhelming evidence that the world financial system is moving to protect and position itself away from the Dollar and its toxic and corrosive failure. Think for a moment: Hasn’t the Dollar failed you consistently for your entire life? Does each year bring you less and less purchasing power?

Fact: The Dollar is the worst-performing asset class of the last 40 years and has lost a mind-boggling 80% of its buying power since 1971, the year we broke the last link between the dollar and gold. Do you think this incredible inflation is normal? It is not – it is only the incontrovertible proof of a dying currency. All paper currencies fail 100% of the time without exception and this is how they do it. That’s because they are not real money and only exist as a convenient tool for the government and their banker accomplices until the debilitating forces of massive debt and fiscal insanity seal their fate.

Your personal financial salvation is at hand. All you have to do is to see the problem as real and ask yourself if it makes sense to have all your hopes invested in a piece of paper that has lost 97% of its purchasing power since the US began to de-couple it from any real value?

All of your labor has been transmuted into dollars and dollar-denominated instruments and they are all vulnerable. Have you developed any options?

Pull-on the thread yourself and see where it leads you. Throw off the shackles of your calcified opinion and expectations that somehow tomorrow will be just like yesteryear, and discover if your intuitive feelings are correct because we all know on some level that something is terribly wrong. This article is another hint to you, which has come to attention and consciousness by some kind of mysterious grace, that you are being called upon to discover, to know, and to act – and to do it now.

Gold and silver are real money. In the classical sense of the word they are your economic salvation. This has been their function and purpose for thousands of years. Unfortunately, most people will choose to ignore every sign and every piece of evidence that the world has changed and we must act in accordance with our real reality. Please don’t be one of them.

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How to Buy Gold Safely – Be on the Lookout

For many centuries, gold has been hoarded and desired by many people in the world. Especially during times of economic and political uncertainty, people rely on it as a means of safeguarding their wealth. The advantage of this precious metal is that its value does not depreciate even when the economy is down. If you plan to invest in gold then there are some options that you can choose to make sure that your wealth is secured. Before you decide though, there are some things that you should know on how to buy gold safely.

Where and How to

Since this exquisite metal is so rare and precious, many people also think of it as an opportunity to deceive others by engaging in fraudulent activities. In the United States, the Eagle from the U.S. mint has the edge and is highly recommended among all the bullion coin that is being traded, since it is widely accepted and has the best resale value. There are many varieties of gold bullions for sale and you may wish to own different types but it would be your decision to purchase one based on which appeals you.

When it comes to size, one ounce is the most constantly traded and the most practical to buy among the others. This size has the least percentage difference between the selling and buying gold price. If you are interested in investing in coins, they can be purchased online at the US Mints website. This website may be the answer to buying precious metals safely. Newer coins are available, but if you are interested in purchasing bullion coins, you may need to find a trusted dealer to buy from which is also available on the webpage.

Being cautious when in search for a trusted dealer is a must and getting information on their website may give you all the details you are searching for, from a list of national dealers to the dealers close to your area.

Silver and other metals are also sold in some banks and they may be able to give you information on recognized gold dealers. Before purchasing though, it is a good idea to make your own research about the firm especially if it is your first time or if there is no reliable person who could guarantee their reputation. Inquiring for reports or complaints on the firm you have chosen from the Better Business Bureau will aid you to make your decision if you feel that the information you had from the internet is not enough.

Jewellery is another form that precious metals are widely known for and many people interested in it invest their money on them although it may not be the best. You would have to remember that not all jewellery is investment grade gold.

As with any form of investment you make, purchasing precious metals in any form needs time and planning. It is a must that before you make your decision, you should think about the purpose of your investment. Make a plan for the future since gold price is ideal for long term gains. And never forget to do your research. This way you can be sure that you are making the correct decision and that your money and time is not put to waste. These are some information that could help you on how to buy gold safely.