David Konwinski, Founder / CEO
Corporate, Business and Marketing Strategy Director

Mr. Konwinski is the corporation's CEO, marketing, and business development director. He is responsible
for establishing the corporation's business and research relationships with the California University
systems.  He is also responsible for the majority of the corporation's strategic and business alliances,
resulting in business, marketing and distribution agreements.  He has over 18 years of experience in
business and marketing. He is experienced as a business manager and marketing director working in the
agriculture, financial and real estate development fields.  His entrepreneurial experience in the real estate
and agricultural market has led to successful business ventures of his own.

Bret S. Woolley / COO
Strategic Planning and Operations Director

Mr. Woolley has over twenty years of experience in administrative and financial fields. He has extensive
experience in finance, project management, operations, strategic planning, Business Process
Reengineering (BPR), continuous process improvement, corporate acquisitions and mergers. He has
managed organizations with revenues from $6M to $2B and operations with more than 300 employees.
He has been instrumental in the development of program strategy, capitalizing on operational assets
(people, performance, processes and infrastructure) and was responsible for developing and maintaining
$700M annual budgets. Mr. Woolley has led the design, development and deployment of effectiveness
and efficiency reviews and implementation across multiple operations, saving more than $400M
cumulatively. Mr. Woolley has an MBA from Elon University
, Love School of Business (North Carolina),
with high distinction and a
B.S.B.A., cum laude, with a minor in Mathematics.

David Bartell / CTO
Technology and Engineering Director

Having over 30 years of design, engineering, sales and business development, Mr. Bartell is the Senior
Engineer for Onsite Power Systems, Inc.  He has developed three businesses and has held such
positions as assistant general manager, assistant engineer, and sales engineer.  Mr. Bartell is
experienced in developing exclusive sales contracts with major equipment manufacturers in the food
processing and packaging industry.  As sales engineer, he developed complete engineering drawing
packages that incorporated application of manufacturer’s machinery with the necessary supporting
equipment.  He has designed and built complete machines from the frame, bearings, shafts, to the
electrical hardware, software, and programs.  This “complete package” approach significantly increased
sales for the supported manufacturers.  Mr. Bartell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical
Engineering Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Robert S. Humiston / CFO
Financial and Financial Strategies Director

Mr. Humiston joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer in 1997 and serves on the Board of Directors
as Secretary.  He is a certified Public Accountant with extensive knowledge in energy environment. Mr.
Humiston founded a public accounting practice, Humiston & Company in 1981.  This corporation
continues to operate from offices in Los Angeles.  

From 1981 to 1985, Mr. Humiston formed several energy concerns that drilled and operated oil and gas
wells in Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 1986, the companies consolidated with numerous other
entities into an oil and gas development and production company, for which Mr. Humiston served as
President until its sale in 1994. During this period, as general partner, he also formed several limited
partnerships, which acquired and operated commercial and residential real estate in California, Texas,
Colorado and Arizona.

Ruihong Zhang Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis

A Professor in Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of California, Davis.
She teaches and conducts research in the area of Bioenvironmental Engineering. Her current research is
focused on conversion of organic wastes to biofuels and biobased products, improvement of energy
efficiency in wastewater treatment, and air quality control. Example research projects include (1)
developing advanced anaerobic fermentation and digestion  technologies to produce biogas fuel
(methane and hydrogen) and liquid fuel (ethanol and biodiesel) from food and agricultural wastes; (2)
Developing integrated, energy-efficient wastewater treatment systems for dairy farms and food
processing operations; (3) reducing air emissions from waste management systems. Dr. Zhang has over
160 scientific publications and 4 patented inventions. She has served as an expert on many international
and national technical committees and is a member of editorial boards of two scientific journals.  

Dr. Zhang is the director for UC Davis Biogas Energy Project, which is sponsored by the alliance between
UC Davis and private industry. The Biogas Energy Project is for research and demonstration of new
advanced anaerobic digestion technologies to convert a variety of organic wastes into biogas fuels and
other valuable products. Dr. Zhang received New Holland Young Researcher Award from American
Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in 2003 and Environmental Award from US Environmental
Protection Agency in 2007.
About Us
Corporate & Social Responsibility
Our Team
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3) Social           
To meet the demands of a growing company, Onsite Power has expanded its top management. Because of the nature of
its core business and the significance that Onsite Power’s technology may have in the market, Onsite Power continues to
attract high caliber management.

OPS’s management team consists of members whose backgrounds are in engineering and business administration, with
combined experiences in the electrical Industry, digestion technologies, process engineering, construction, financial and
consulting, and in areas such as corporate development, production, process engineering, maintenance, logistics,
controls technology, quality assurance, project management, energy and cost accounting, biological and engineering
research and development.
Onsite Power Systems, Inc. (OPS) is a privately held organic resource recovery company,
anchored by a team experienced in this sector with the objective of changing the way the
world is able to create energy from various problematic agricultural and organic waste

OPS provides advanced Anaerobic High Solids (AHS) digester technologies and process
expertise to provide cost effective and economical solutions to organic waste recovery.
These advanced technologies will produce renewable fuel and energy at a lower cost than
that of competing fossil fuels.  
The OPSThe OSP Mission Statement promotes the adoption of organic waste recovery through renewable AHS digester
technologies as a method to increase energy security and environmental sustainability. OPS continues to raise public,
government and regulatory agency awareness and acceptance of available biofuel, biomass and biogas technologies
through the demonstration and education of organic waste recovery for renewable energy.

At OPS, corporate social responsibility will continue to be an integral part of our purpose as a company and is reflected
in our mission to bring great people and great organizations together. We recognize the importance of being a good
corporate citizen and contributing to the overall social environment of the communities in which we operate. That is why
we will continue to make every effort to make social responsibility a main part of our business strategies through various
educational, community outreach and “Give Back” programs.

Over the past 5 years OPS has conducted an extensive education and outreach program. In October 2006, OPS hosted
an official startup and dedication ceremony at the UC Davis commercial demonstration digester facility.  Since that event,
OPS has hosted numerous tours and events for multiple sectors including governmental agencies, municipalities,
commercial companies, educational and international dignitaries totally over 1,000 people per year. In addition to the
digester facility tours and events, members of the OPS team have presented at multiple conferences and seminars.
Educational opportunities included both national and international scholars and researchers, both touring as well as
working with the facility. Additionally, Dr. Zhang and other professors from the University conducted several class
sessions at the facility. OPS management participated in a number of these class sessions providing the private industry
perspective on developing, demonstration and commercializing these technologies.

Through these initiatives, we will continue to make it a priority to collaborate with other companies and organizations,
locally and nationally, that share our common social responsibility goals.
The OPS Value Proposition:  Our competitors have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing digester
systems but still do not provide efficient and economical solutions for organic waste recovery.  The proprietary
technologies and processes developed by OPS are radically different from the competition and the following
are just some of its differentiating characteristics:

•  Capable of being mass produced – Most sub-systems can be prefabricated
•  Affordable  - Utilizing off-the-shelf components  
•  Modular  - Non mechanical in design and “cookie-cutter” designs
•  Scalable  - Process offers digester system size flexibility